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What Benefits Does our Fire District Receive?

Why should our fire district be an active member of the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts?

For Ken Schmalbeck, board member of the Black Jack Fire Protection District, information sharing and networking alone make membership worthwhile.

 “It’s really a great forum for sharing information, “ Schmalbeck says of the Association. “I firmly believe (a fire district) board of directors can’t operate in a vacuum and not look at what else is going on.”

The Association, Schmalbeck says, gives him a “perspective on what other people need to make their districts work and can I support them...” Members also “get to know what is going on in the state and to make sure our voice is heard, not only by speaking, but also by listening.

” The Association’s legislative watchdog efforts keep members alerted to “gory details that may have escaped out attention because we were too busy.”


Annual Meeting/Educational Seminars for fire protection district administrators, board members and attorneys.

Legislative tracking and action, including a legislative update emailed weekly while the Missouri legislature is in session.

Legal liaison of Fire Protection District laws

Certified Fire Director Board Training (Training discounted for active MAFPD members)

Member E-letter.

Unified stance on fire protection district related issues.