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From The President

Dear Prospective MAFPD Member:

  The Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts (MAFPD) was formed in 1990.  MAFPD is a professional unique organization that consists of chiefs, district managers, elected board members, and attorneys representing fire districts, from all over the State of Missouri. 

  The MAFPD is very active within the Missouri Fire Service Alliance that is made up of other fire and emergency service statewide organizations that employ a full time lobbyist to assist us with our legislative voice in providing services to our respective areas.  We also have legal counsel available to assist our members when they have issues arise that they may need some clarification or answers.

  MAFPD is here to serve you whether you are forming a new fire district or an existing district that may need help in addressing issues such as annexation, TIF’s, or legal opinions on other related matters.   We would encourage you to be a part of our working organization and to also participate in our conference that is held the last weekend of June.  We have made an adjustment to our dues structure which I don’t believe has been changed since the organizations inception. 

  Please do not hesitate to contact any of our officers or board members if you have any questions.

  Yours In the Service,

  Rick Wilken
  Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts