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How to join the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts

Please copy the selected application form and mail along with your check to:

2019 MAFPD Membership
c/o Onda Viefhaus
4849 Highway 109
PO Box 97
Eureka, MO 63025
Phone: 636-549-0528 Email: info@mafpd.org
for a membership application.

Thank you for your interest.

To:               All Missouri Fire Protection Districts  
From:           Board of Governors, Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts 
Subject:       2019 MAFPD Membership 

The Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts would like to invite your Fire District to join and/or continue your membership with the MAFPD.

In 1990, the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts (MAFPD) was born of necessity to meet the unique needs of fire protection districts in the State of Missouri. From the beginning, the MAFPD was to be different. It would target the challenges faced by fire district board members, fire chiefs, managers and attorneys.  Employing various methods, today's MAFPD continues to enhance problem solving for member districts by networking them with other member districts with experience in the stated problem area.  Through the association's regional and statewide conferences, up to date information is shared on issues including municipal annexation and its effect on fire districts, alternative funding for fire districts, updates on state and federal regulations, code enforcement, training for newly elected board members, to name a few.  Additionally, the MAFPD has engaged the services of a respected law firm that provides general legal guidance to member districts and their attorneys and presents the annual fire protection district attorney workshop.  Of course, the most significant service provided by the association is legislative action.   Missouri's statutes and regulations serve as the framework under which we all operate.  The slightest and unforeseen change in our statutes and regulations can have a profound impact on fire districts.  Our legislative oversight is intensely focused on what is good and what is bad for fire protection districts.

While we are all looking for ways to shave budgets, an investment in the MAFPD may well serve as the most important investment you can make in protecting the future of your fire protection district. For the MAFPD to continue to provide the quality of services we have all grown to expect, we need your involvement

You can find on pages 3 and 4 the 2019 MAFPD Membership Form by clicking here to download the WORD version or clicking here to go to the online version. We ask that you complete it to the best of your knowledge as it will assist the MAFPD in communicating to your Fire District in a timely manner. The MAFPD By-Laws state that current members who have not returned their annual membership form by February 28, 2019 will be removed from the membership roster.