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Mission Statement

The Association’s Mission is to represent and support Missouri Fire Protection Districts by providing a centralized source of information, training, education, and leadership that enhances fire protection districts ability to fulfill their mission.

Our Vision

1.    The Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts is Missouri’s premier fire service organization: We produce effective materials and programs that allow fire protection districts efficiently manage and operate their districts;

2.    Our members receive feedback and analysis that allows fire protection districts to modify, improve and enhance their capabilities;

3.    Our members have available a complete resource and reference center of materials that educates and informs the fire protection districts;

4.    Fire protection districts are proactively and continually represented in the legislative and regulatory processes;

5.    The Association is the choice contact for legislators, government officials and the media;

6.    Our elected officials, fire chiefs, and fire protection district employees will be educated and trained on basic public administration skills, as well as, the latest management and fire service topics.