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“We were faced with some issues that made annexation into our district more difficult. At the annual legislative meeting, I asked the MAFPD to work on the annexation issue. The following spring the law was changed for all Missouri fire districts- - If that’s not action I don’t know what is."

James R. Gann, Past-President
Cooper County Fire Protection District

 “MAFPD is not a social organization, it is geared to answer needs of every Fire District of Missouri, regardless of the size through education and networking."

Mike Scott, Past-President
Logan Rogersville Fire Protection District

“MAFPD is the bet place to get education for Board and Staff members, about the operations of Fire Protection Districts.”

Richard E. Stirts, Jr., Fire Chief
Logan Rogersville Fire Protection District

 “MAFPD has made our jobs as board members much easier by keeping us abreast of current statutes and any changes with which we need to comply. Being located in a rural area where fire protection districts are an unfamiliar entity, MAFPD has helped us clarify our position in several areas and is a GREAT source of information."

J. Carl Shaw, President
Deer Creek Fire Protection District